Harvey Park Utah: Everything You Need To Know Before You Go

If you’re looking for a park that has something for everyone in the family, then you absolutely MUST VISIT Harvey Park in Cedar Hills Utah.  It’s one of the best parks in Utah County and everything there is so much fun, that you could easily spend a full afternoon here.

Harvey park utah

Where is Harvey Park Located?

Harvey Park is located in Cedar Hills Utah, directly east of Deerfield Elementary School.  The address of Harvey Park is 4301 W Harvey Blvd.  It’s conveniently located and easily accessed from most areas in northern Utah County.

What Makes Harvey Park GREAT?

Harvey Park is one of our kid’s favorite parks.  I most recently visited with our boys ages 6, 9, and 11, but their older siblings who are 13 and 16 love the park just as much.  Our favorite thing about Harvey Park is that there is so much do do for all ages and it’s all really close together.  The teens can be playing pickleball, while some of the other kids are on the playground, one is at the splash pad, and dad is playing basketball, and everyone can see what each other is doing.  While that might sound like a lot, and a potentially overcrowded park, it’s actually been incredibly laid out so that families can all do a lot of different things while still being together. There really is something for EVERYONE at Harvey Park!

Harvey park utah

Facilities at Harvey Park

As I already shared, Harvey Park packs BIG FUN into the space that they have there.  Here’s what you’ll find at Harvey Park:

  • 2 Tennis Courts
  • 6 Pickleball courts
  • Basketball area with 6 adjustable hoops that go down to 5 feet tall
  • Restrooms
  • Playground
  • 4 large picnic pavilions (reservable)
  • Smaller shaded picnic tables throughout the park
  • Bench seating
  • Baseball field
  • Access to the Murdock Canal Bike Trail
  • Shave Ice and Smoothie Shack
Harvey park utah

Playground at Harvey Park

The real reason why we initially came to explore Harvey Park was for the playground.  It is AMAZING!  Most of it is climbing-focused with climbing rope structures, and great for older kids, which can be rare to find in a park. 

Harvey park utah

There is a smaller climbing structure that’s good for little kids, but it would be a bit of a challenge with young toddlers.  

Harvey park utah

There is also a swing area which we love because it has large shades over it, making it the perfect place to hang out on really hot days.

Harvey park utah

Aside from the climbing structure, our kids all really loved the zipline.  There’s a traditional one with a round seat, or one with a chair that kids can sit in, which is excellent for younger kids.  

Harvey park utah

There is a music area at the playground which was a hit with the younger kids.  While our kids typically love these, the other playground equipment was so incredible that they hardly spent any time there.  Most other kids probably felt the same way since the music area of the park was consistently the least crowded area of the park. More fun parks close by is Manila Park in Pleasant Grove and Highland Glen Park and Pond. Don’t forget to check out the Springville Splash Pad.

Harvey park utah

Splash Pad at Harvey Park

The Splash Pad at Harvey Park is excellent for all ages.  We loved that there are features that are good for little kids to play in with the water and others that are great for older kids.  

Harvey park utah

Our older kids really loved aiming and shooting the giant water guns, and our younger son was pretty happy to just run through the water features.  If you’ve got toddlers, the south side of the splash pad has great features for them.

Harvey park utah

If your kids really want to get soaked at the Harvey Splash Pad, have them hang out there for a while.  About every 10 minutes or so, the rocketship dumps a massive bucket of water.  My boys thought that this was AMAZING, even though the water was pretty cold.  It’s perfect for a hot day.  

Harvey park utah

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Rules at Harvey Park

We love that the rules of Harvey Park are posted, especially as this park gets more and more popular.  

  • All children must be supervised
  • All kids under age 4 are required to wear swim diapers in the splash pad
  • No food or drinks in the play area
  • No wheeled toys, bikes, scooters, etc on the playground or splash pad
  • Don’t not use the playground equipment while wet
Harvey park utah

Sports Areas at Harvey Park

Harvey Park Utah has several different sports courts and fields, which are amazing for active families.

Basketball at Harvey Park

There’s a large basketball area with 6 different hoops on it.  It appears that only the north-south version is a full-size court and the east-west play are shorter courts.  Mostly, it’s great for playing some small games and it’s perfect for kids.  All of the hoops are adjustable and at their shortest, the rim is around 5 feet tall, making it ideal for little kids to play basketball at Harvey Park.

Harvey park utah

PickleBall at Harvey Park

There are 6 pickleball courts here that are very popular.  When we arrived, a league was just finishing up and all the courts were packed, but by the time we left, there was only 1 pickleball court being occupied.  Since we don’t know the league schedule, it’s best to give yourself some extra time in case the courts are being used.

Harvey park utah

Tennis at Harvey Park

There are 2 tennis courts at Harvey Park.  We were there for an afternoon and never saw anyone using them!  The Harvey Park tennis courts are in excellent condition, so if you like to play, you’ll likely find open courts here.

Harvey park utah

Baseball at Harvey Park

There is a baseball diamond at Harvey Park.  We were there in the afternoon and never saw anyone there, but I except that there are often games there on summer evenings.  If you go to the park, use caution when parking on the east side of the parking lot, since you’re in foul ball area, and there’s a chance your car can get hit by a baseball.

Harvey park utah

Picnic Areas at Harvey Park Cedar Hills Utah

If you’ve got a large group or a party that you want to host at Harvey Park in Cedar Hills, the four large picnic pavilions are all reservable. They can accommodate large groups and provide amazing amounts of shade. If the pavilions are not reserved, anyone can use them on a first-come first-served basis. Typically during the week, especially during the daytime hours, the pavilions are not reserved so they’re available for anyone to use. You’ll also find lots of shaded individual picnic tables throughout the park that are perfect for just one family.

Harvey park utah

Concessions at Harvey Park

There is a shaved ice and smoothie shop at the main building at Harvey Park.  While it looked delicious, the prices are really high. The smallest shave ice costs $4.50 and the cheapest smoothie was $7.  Honestly, the prices felt really high for a playground and park concession.  If you don’t want to pay the high concession prices, it might be a good idea to bring a fun snack for your kids so they don’t keep begging for shaved ice (like mine did).  

Harvey park utah

Harvey Park Hours

While there are no posted opening and closing hours for Harvey Park, the splash pad at Harvey Park does have limited hours.  The Splash Pad is open from 10am-8pm Monday-Saturday.  They shut down the splash pad in bad weather, or when the temperatures are below 75 degrees.  

Overall, Harvey Park is a fantastic Cedar Hills Utah Park and is one of the best parks in Utah County for all ages.  

Harvey park utah

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