7 Fantastic Parks in Ogden, Utah for Families

If you’re looking for a fun day out with the family, Ogden has plenty of options to choose from. With its beautiful scenery and diverse array of attractions, this city boasts some of the best parks and playgrounds in the area. Whether you’re in search of a peaceful picnic spot or an action-packed adventure park for the kids, Ogden has something for everyone.

Parks In Ogden

Having a list of family-friendly parks is helpful for both residents and visitors. Get ready for some family fun in Ogden, Utah! Here are seven great parks that are guaranteed to make your little ones smile from ear to ear. Experience the ultimate outdoor adventure with parks that cater to your every desire, from playgrounds to fitness walks and everything in between. There’s something for everyone to enjoy!

High Adventure Park – 

251 18th St, Ogden, UT 84401

High Adventure Park
High Adventure Park

The High Adventure Park in Ogden is an excellent option for families seeking an adventurous outing in Weber County. The park provides a range of activities, like a climbing station and large playground areas, all with beautiful views of Ogden’s mountains.

The park has a cable climbing station and two playgrounds with wood chip bases. The wood chips offer a safe landing for young children, while the climbing stations provide a challenge for older ones. The park also has a few large swings, which are fun for everyone. 

The park offers benches with views of the nearby river, making it enjoyable for all visitors. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature with a stroll along the River Parkway Trail, conveniently accessible from the park.

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Bonneville Park – 

220 Monroe Blvd, Ogden, UT 84401

Bonneville Park
Bonneville Park

Bonneville Park features six basketball courts, 12 tables, and three grills, making it a suitable spot for both sports enthusiasts and those seeking a pleasant picnic with loved ones. The playground has a wood chip base suitable for children, and the large field is suitable for hosting family events or team activities.

Visitors to Bonneville Park can make reservations through the Ogden City website for added convenience during their visit. No matter the celebration, this park has got you covered! From birthday bashes to corporate shindigs, it’s the ultimate spot for any fiesta. Bonneville Park provides opportunities for both leisure and business, with the ability for companies to sponsor events and connect in an enjoyable setting.

Harrisville Park

1350 N Hwy 89

Harrisville Park is an ideal location for a family outing. The park features multiple baseball fields suitable for family sports or athlete training. The fields are well-maintained and provide a great opportunity to practice your skills.

The park includes a long walking path that winds around the premises, ideal for a leisurely stroll with loved ones. The park features a disc golf course located near the entrance, offering a challenging and enjoyable activity amidst the scenic surroundings.

The park includes a pavilion that provides shade for visitors to eat and relax. Additionally, the pavilion can be rented for personal or professional events and features a stage. If you are looking for a pond that is a little bigger then you can check out Beus Pond Park.

Other Adventures Nearby:

Big-Dee Sports Park

1375 Park Blvd, Ogden, UT 84401

Big-Dee Sports Park
Big-Dee Sports Park

Big-Dee Sports park offers a range of outdoor activities suitable for all age groups. The park has a unique paved trail, perfect for fitness enthusiasts and those with energetic children that always want to find adventure off the path. Along the trail, various fitness challenges are available for visitors to do, complete with instructions and guides for aid.

Additionally, the park boasts a large dog-friendly field that is perfect for a game of fetch with the family dog. This feature makes Big-Dee Sports park the perfect destination for pet owners who want to spend quality time with their furry friends.

For families and children, the park offers a fun playground and covered pavilion for picnics and other family activities. The park’s scenic location near Ogden’s Dinosaur Park, Rainbow Gardens Botanical Center, and many hiking trails near the mountain provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy even more outdoor activities.

Big-Dee Sports park is an ideal destination for those looking to engage in physical activity, bond with their pets, or have a great time with friends and family. It is also an excellent location for those looking to explore nearby attractions. Ogden River Parkway Trail and Farmington Creek Trail are both fairly close and is a great place to walk or bike.

Marriott Park – 

1045 S 1200 W, Ogden, UT 84404

Marriott Park
Marriott Park

Marriott Park offers a calm atmosphere and a flexible area for various events. It’s an ideal option for families with kids, as it has a generous play area, seating, and plenty of shade from the large trees.

Marriott Park offers tons of opportunities for outdoor sports enthusiasts, with a spacious basketball court ideal for games with friends and family. The park also offers a large field, which is great for large events, playing fetch with your dogs, or sports with the whole family. Marriott Park is great for those looking for an outdoor space to exercise or simply relax and enjoy a picnic.

A great thing about this park is the closeness to I-15. For families on long road trips, or just wanting to take a quick park stop on the way home, Marriott Park is a mere 5 minutes away from the 12th Street freeway exit in Ogden.

Green Acres Park –

2050 N 575 E, Ogden, UT 84414

Green Acres Park
Green Acres Park

Discover the hidden gem of Northern Ogden – Green Acres Park! With its picturesque bridge, exciting playground, cozy pavilion, and scenic walking trail, this park is a must-visit for families and tourists alike. The park features a spring and a charming bridge that enhances its overall appearance.

The playground is perfect for small children, with four swings and plenty of room to run around. Families can also take advantage of the small pavilion, which is perfect for intimate family gatherings or birthday parties. The park’s well-maintained facilities and grounds make it an excellent destination for intimate celebrations, and the nearby walking trail provides a peaceful escape with its scenic views and tranquil atmosphere.

Lester Park – 

3302 Grant Ave, Ogden, UT 84401

Lester Park is a fantastic family-friendly park in downtown Ogden that offers a range of amenities for visitors of all ages. There are two tables and a fun playground with a wood chip base for kids to play on. Plus, there are plenty of trees providing shade for parents to relax in while the little ones have a blast.

Lester Park is an ideal spot for family fun, with plenty of space for sports and picnics. Plus, it’s conveniently located near the Weber County Library, so you can easily combine a park outing with a visit to the library. And if you’re in the mood for more adventure, the park is just a short distance away from historic 25th street and other popular Ogden attractions. With so much to explore, you can easily spend a whole day in the city, starting your journey at Lester Park.

The park can even be reserved in advance through the Ogden City website, perfect for birthday parties or family reunions. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, Lester Park is a must-visit destination in Ogden, Utah.

Final Thoughts

Ogden’s parks and playgrounds offer an abundance of activities and opportunities for families to enjoy quality time together. With their beautiful scenery, diverse amenities, and community events, these parks provide a perfect setting for families to connect with nature and each other. If you are closer to Layton make sure to check out our favorite family-friendly parks in Layton.

From picnicking and trail walking to fun sports fields and playgrounds, there is something for everyone. Not only do these parks offer a fun and healthy way to spend time with your loved ones, but they also promote physical activity and mental well-being. So why not grab your family and head to one of Ogden’s many parks and playgrounds today?

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