Utah’s Pixar Paradise: A Guide to Visiting the ‘Up’ House

The “Up” house in Utah is a charming replica of the fictional house in Pixar’s animated film “Up”. This film tells the heartwarming story of an elderly man named Carl Fredricksen, who uses thousands of helium balloons to lift his house and fly to South America, fulfilling a promise he made to his late wife to visit Paradise Falls.  If you loved the movie as much as we did and the inspiring message it shared, a visit to the Real Up House in Utah should be on your list of things to do in Utah.  

My teens really love the story of Up, so I took them on a visit to see the Up House. It was so much fun (but they don’t love photos, so just imagine them there). It’s not too far off of I-15 and it was a fun way to add some excitement to our afternoon.

the real up house in utah

Where Is The Up House Located?

The Utah Up House is located about 25 minutes southwest of Salt Lake City in Herriman Utah.  The exact address is 13222 S Herriman Rose Blvd, Herriman, UT 84096.

The Up House in Utah is located in a normal suburban neighborhood and is easily the most unique house on the block.  Most of the other homes around are painted in neutral colors and have pretty standard architecture, so the Up House really stands out a lot, next to the other newer homes nearby.  

the real up house in utah

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What Is The Real Up House?

The Real Up House in Utah is a house that was made as a real-life replica of the house from the Disney movie Up!  The house is an exact replica of the house from the movie Up and is a near-perfect match of all of the exterior details of the home!  Seriously, it’s incredible.  The builder got exclusive authorization and rights to create a one-of-a-kind replica of the house from Up.  

In addition to the outside of the house, the inside of the house has several rooms that are also decorated like the interior of the house in the movie.  It’s a really impressive setup!  

the real up house in utah

What Can You Do At The Real Up House?

The Up House isn’t just a movie prop, in fact, it wasn’t in the movie at all. Today, the Up House is a family residence. If you want to go and visit, you can do a short stop by outside (see rules below) or you can schedule a photoshoot to spend more time there. If you’re in a rush, you can be in and out in 5 minutes. If you want to spend more time, you can schedule a photoshoot or visit the nearby parks to make an afternoon out of your visit.

How Long Should We Stay at The Up House?

A visit to the Up House is really quick.  Think minutes.  In fact, the owners of the home ask that you stay no more than 3 minutes to have a quick look around and to get a few pictures.  

If you want to stay longer, have a photoshoot, or go inside the house, you can arrange to do that directly with the owners.  They do charge for these sorts of things, so plan accordingly.  

the real up house in utah

Can I Have a Photoshoot at The Up House?

Absolutely!  However, you need to make arrangements with the owners and pay for your time there.  Here are the rates for a photo shoot at the Up House in Utah:

Photoshoot rates start at 20 minutes of time, though you can book a double time slot if you need more time there:

  • Outdoor photoshoot: $60/20 minutes
  • Indoor and Outdoor Photoshoot: $400
  • Outdoor Marriage Proposal: $100
  • Indoor and Outdoor Marriage Proposal: $600

It IS NOT allowed to show up and do a photoshoot from the sidewalk.  The owners and their family live on the property, so please respect their space and privacy.  They ask that you spend no more than 3 minutes there checking it out, so it’s important to be mindful and respectful of that.  

If you plan on showing up with a photographer, in costume, or carrying your own balloons, or for any large occasion or event, you need to get a reservation.  The homeowners are great at allowing people to take photos in front of their home, so remember to follow the rules so you don’t ruin it for everyone.  

the real up house in utah

What Are The Rules At The Up House?

Considering that there is a family who lives in the Up House, it’s really amazing that they let people come and take photos.  To respect them and their property, they do have a few Up House Rules that they ask that visitors follow.  Here are the Up House Rules:

  • No Trespassing
  • No Loitering
  • Stay outside of the fence unless you have a paid reservation and prior arrangements
  • Visits must be under 3 minutes
the real up house in utah

What’s Nearby The Up House?

If you want to make more of an outing out of your visit to the real Up House, here are a few suggestions:

broccoli park

Broccoli Park:  Broccoli Park is right across the street from The Real Up House.  It’s a pretty simple park with a large open field and a playground.  The playground is nice, but it’s not anything fancy.  It would keep our kids occupied for about 20-30 minutes.  There are some trees along the outside of the park, so you could also take a picnic and enjoy it in the shade while looking across the park at The Real Up House.  

J Lynn Crane Playground:  About 2 blocks away from The Real Up House is JLynn Crane Park.  There’s a fantastic playground here as well as a splash area.  If you have kids who love to climb, this is an amazing playground for them.

Wardle Fields Regional Park:  It’s a little bit of a drive, but if you want a park that’s great for both sports and has a fantastic playground, stop at Wardle Fields Regional Park.  It’s a park that’s great for all ages and is right off your drive if you’re coming from I-15.

Treats Nearby: If you’re bringing the family for a visit to The Real Up House, consider grabbing a treat to make the outing extra fun.  Just off of 13400 S you’ll find a Sonic Drive In and a Kneaders Bakery, which are both fantastic for grabbing a fun treat or a quick bite to eat.  

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Best Time To Visit The Up House?

The best time to visit the Up House is in the morning when the lighting hits the house the best.  It’s an east-facing house, so going in the morning will allow you to see it in the best light possible and to help your photos look at good as possible.  The morning is also the least crowded time to see the Up House.  Be mindful of going near school start times since there are more kids out in the neighborhood, so be extra alert and aware of them.  

the real up house in utah

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