Springville Splash Pad: Water Play with an Artistic Flare

We absolutely LOVE visiting splash pads with little kids!  They’re a great way to cool down in the water without getting everyone to the pool or worrying about swimming abilities.  For little kids, one of our favorites is the Springville Splash Pad.  We’ve been visiting this splash pad for years and years and all of our kids have loved coming here when they were little (and some of them still are right in that phase).

springville splash pad

About the Splash Pad in Springville Utah 

The Springville splash pad is located in the heart of Springville Utah.  It’s an easy place to hang out for a few hours because there’s a large park and a fantastic playground right next to it.

While the park has lots of mature trees, there isn’t a lot of shade right around the splash pad.  If you have little ones and want to be close to the splash pad to keep and eye on them, we recommend bringing some sort of shade, like an umbrella or pop-up shade, so that you can watch the kids without melting (and give them a break in the shade.  

springville splash pad

Where is the Springville Splash Pad Located?  

The Springville Splash Pad is located right in downtown Springville.  It’s set back from main street so you may not even notice that it’s there if you’re driving by.  The address of the Springville Splash Pad is 50 South Main Street, Springville Utah.  

It’s just south of the Springville Fire Department, and across the street from the Springville Public Library.

What Makes the Springville Splash Pad Unique?

springville splash pad

Springville is known as Art City and the whole town is packed full of artwork, a stunning art museum, and lots and lots of sculptures.  The Springville splash pad is no different.  In fact, the sculptures at the Springville splash pad are all of kids playing and play an integral part of the water features and design of the Springville splash pad.  One of my boys commented that it’s like the sculptures are actually playing with them in the water, and it’s absolutely true! If your family loves sculptures there is a really cool park called Gilgal Sculpture Garden that is worth checking out.

Not only is the Springville splash pad fun, but the addition of the splash pad sculptures makes this Utah splash pad especially beautiful. 

What Ages Is The Springville Splash Pad Best For?

springville splash pad

While all ages really can play at the Springville Splash Pad, it’s best suited for younger kids, probably ages 6 and under.  The flowing water down the little stream there is great for toddlers and preschoolers who want to play in the water, but need things to be shallow.  The maximum depth of the water is only 2.5”, so it’s great for little kids.  If you have a baby who is in the crawling stage and can find an uncrowded time, they would probably love this splash pad too.  

That being said, I just took my boys who are 6, 9, and 11, and a 10-year-old cousin to the Springville splash pad and they all had an absolute BLAST!  Even though this splash pad is great for younger kids, older kids will still enjoy it.

What Hours is the Springville Splash Pad Open?

springville splash pad

The Springville Splash Pad has shorter hours than most other Utah County Splash Pads.  It’s open from Monday-Saturday between 10am and 8pm.  It typically opens mid-May and once Labor Day hits, it’s just open on Saturdays for a few weeks, until it closes in mid-late September.  

During bad weather, the splash pad occasionally closes, especially if there is high wind. 

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Sculptures at the Springville Splash Pad

springville splash pad

One thing that makes the town of Springville unique and fun is their art background. Springville has several local artists who specialize in sculpture, and you’ll find their work all over town. To tie in to the younger generation, the Springville splash pad sculptures show kids playing in the water, shooting water at others, and just being carefree and young. Honestly, it makes the whole splash area in Springville feel more alive with their playful sculptures.

What to do Nearby the Springville Splash Pad?

The splash pad in Springville is in such a fantastic location.  It’s centrally located in Springville so it’s within walking distance of several local businesses and shops.

If you are looking for other fun things to do nearby make sure to check out Harvey Park, Manila Park in Pleasant Grove, or Highland Glen Park and Pond. If you are wanting to try something new make sure to try fly fishing the Provo River.

springville splash pad

Parking for the Springville Splash Pad

There is plenty of parking for the Springville Splash Pad, and we’ve never had a hard time finding a place to park.  The best place to park is in the Civic Center Parking lot located on 110 S Main Street.  If you can’t find parking there, you can always park on the north side of the park.  They do ask that you don’t park on the west side of 100 West when visiting the Splash Pad to respect the local homeowners.

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