Exploring the Wind Cave Trail in Logan Canyon

Wind Cave Trail

Do you plan on visiting Logan, Utah for some sightseeing in the beautiful Logan Canyon? Are you overwhelmed with the many options available for hiking and day activities? We get that the possibilities can start to feel endless, so we’re here to help point you in a promising direction.

Logan Canyon is full of many amazing hiking trails, and the Wind Cave Trail is easily at the top of our must-see list. It offers some of the most spectacular views from a unique angle, looking down on the highway that travels through the mountain pass. At the climax of the hike, you’ll find stunning rock formations that offer a breathtaking backdrop. We want to help you feel prepared and excited about this adventure, so here is everything you need to know for planning your trip to the fantastic Wind Caves Trail in Logan Canyon.

It generally takes me and my accompanying party about 2 hours of total hiking time. With this said, you will definitely want to allow for time to appreciate the view and take pictures from the top. You should also allow more time if you consider your party on the less active end of the fitness spectrum, as the trail can get steep in some areas. This is not to say that you can’t accomplish this hike! I have reached the wind caves with people of all different fitness levels, and I believe it is doable for anyone determined to do so. I have also seen many families on this trail with young children, so it is achievable at any age depending on the level of help the adults are looking to offer to the little ones. The key is to take your time and rest when needed. If you are having a hard time, I like to use the switchbacks as goals and rest points. Anyone committed to reaching the Wind Caves for the beautiful scenery and breathtaking rock formations will find the workout worth it. 

Trail Details

Distance: 4.0 miles
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Elevation Gain: 1,095 ft
Dogs Allowed: Yes, on leash

Trail Location

Wind Cave Trailhead

The Wind Cave Trailhead is located about 5 miles east of Logan, in the beautiful Logan Canyon. Getting to the Windcaves Trailhead from the entrance of the canyon requires a short, five-minute drive and includes scenic views that make the journey enjoyable. If traveling in from the Logan side of the canyon, you will find the trailhead located on the left-hand side, just after a curve in the road. Remember to drive at a safe speed you feel comfortable with and focus on the curves and turns. 

The trailhead has a few parking spots available, but they can fill up quickly, especially during peak season and weekends. If you would like a better chance of getting one of these spots, it is better to arrive earlier in the morning. Across the highway from the trailhead, there is a campground that has some additional parking available for a fee. The fee is considered a payment for “day use” of the campground and allows the use of the other amenities, such as the flushing toilets. There is no bathroom located at the trailhead itself. It’s important to note that there is no designated crossing area for pedestrians to make their way across the highway. As previously described, the campground and trailhead sit around a large curve in the road, so motorists have a limited view when approaching the area. If you plan to cross the highway in any capacity, please do so carefully and safely – especially if doing so with children.

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Trail Description

The Wind Cave Trail is a moderate trail that is about 4 miles in total. It’s not a loop trail, so you will be hiking about two miles in and then two miles back out. The good news is the second half is much easier because it’s downhill!

Don’t let the beginning of this hike worry you. It does start with a gradual incline, but you will also find some flat stretches that offer a nice contrast from the areas that climb in elevation. The trail contains many switchbacks that make the elevation change more gradual and easier to accomplish. Don’t feel pressured to go at any speed, even if others around you are passing by. Use the corners of the switchbacks as resting points and let anyone who needs to pass do so. 

The Wind Cave Trail is a popular hike, so you are sure to see others along the way. It is open to mountain biking as well as hiking and trail running, so stay courteous to those around you and follow the trail-yielding guide. Also, remember to pack out whatever you pack in and respect the wilderness while admiring it. 

Wind Cave Trail

The trail doesn’t offer much shade, so wear appropriate clothing. Mountain weather can be unpredictable. Because of this, we always recommend dressing in layers. Also, be sure to bring enough water to stay hydrated throughout the hike. This is especially important to remember in the hot season, but you can get dehydrated on colder days as well.

Wind Cave Trail

While hiking up the switchbacks near the top of the trail, you’ll be able to see an open view of the canyon and the highway down below. If you look across the way, you’ll see a rock wall with a cliff running along the top. This is the Crimson Trail hike, which is another must-see trail in the Logan Canyon.

Wind Cave Trail

After the final switchbacks at the top, there is one final mostly-flat stretch to reach the picturesque wind caves. While exploring the area for the perfect backdrop, be sure to have steady footing and be aware of your position at all times. The wind caves are a natural formation and there are no safety barriers, so stay safe and smart while you are up there. If you have children with you on the hike, keep a close eye and don’t let them wander too far away. 

Wind Cave Trail

Here is the most important thing to remember once you have reached the destination: Enjoy it! You’ve made it and you should take in the beauty that you have worked to reach. Once you’ve taken in everything you can and have all the necessary photos, head back down on the same trail you came up on. The downhill is easier than the trek up, but still, remember to pause and take in the beauty as you make your descent. The Wind Caves are a special treat, but there is also beauty in nature along the entire path. If you are looking for more fun hikes in Utah check out the hiking the Crimson Trail in Logan Canyon, family-friendly hikes near Layton, and hiking Lone Peak via Jacob’s Ladder.

When To Hike Wind Cave Trail

Wind Cave Trail

The Wind Cave Trail can get very busy in the summertime, especially on the weekends. If these times are your only option for visiting, don’t let this discourage you! The trail is long and allows for space between parties, and I find that people are generally friendly and happy when you meet them on a beautiful hiking trail. If you can schedule around these times, we recommend visiting on a weekday. There will be a smaller crowd so parking will be easier to find. It will also be more convenient to get all the pictures you want without worrying about cropping strangers out. The trail is doable in the winter months, but you should expect snow, and there may be points where hiking spikes are needed. 

As for the time of day, we recommend starting this hike as early as possible. Not only will this again help with parking availability, but it will provide more comfortable temperatures to hike in. The trail is not entirely shaded, so the sun can quickly feel uncomfortable, especially in summer. 

Tips For Hiking Wind Cave Trail With Kids

If your trip plans include children, good for you! As I have said before, I have seen many a child enjoying the hike along with their adults. Remember to appropriately dress everyone for the occasion – we recommend layers. Sunscreen is always a good idea, as there isn’t much shade along the way. Of course, be sure to bring water for your little ones so they can stay happy and hydrated. And some snacks may not hurt either! 

If you plan on parking in the campground area across the highway from the trailhead, be extra cautious when crossing the road. The trail up to the wind caves offers many resting spots for little legs to take a break if needed. There are not any major cliffs along the trail but always keep a close eye that your child is staying on the path. Once you have reached the top, remain diligent while watching your child to ensure they don’t get too close to the edge. And don’t forget to snap some photos with the stunning caves as your backdrop for proof that your little one accomplished such an amazing feat!

Author Joanie Mapes

About The Author: I became a Utahan in 2015 after moving to Logan from Idaho to attend Utah State University. I quickly fell in love with the town’s proximity to the mountains and endless adventure, and I have called this place home ever since. With our two high-energy dogs, my partner and I have turned our love of the outdoors into family outings that stimulate and exercise everyone.

Although I don’t yet have children, I have two nieces and a nephew who mean the world to me. I love spending as much time as possible with them and have joined many vacations and family travels. To them, the guest room in their home is “Joanie’s Room.” I also have nannied for a local family for many years now, and those children have brought me more joy than I could have imagined throughout my time with them.

I love the happiness and carefree attitude that can be learned from children. In the future, I hope to have my own to share adventures with.

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