Ultimate Guide to Visiting Veyo, Utah

Nestled along Highway 18 in Southern Utah is the tiny town of Veyo. Though there aren’t many people in the town, there are countless adventures to be had. Veyo is within 15 minutes of state parks, campgrounds, reservoirs, and hiking trails. We’ve compiled a list of all the best things to do, see, and eat while visiting Veyo, Utah.

What to Do in Veyo, Utah

Go swimming

Veyo Pool

If you’re visiting Veyo between April and October, you can’t miss the Veyo Pool. Located a short distance from the main highway in town, the pool is surrounded by trees and towering black rock cliffs. 

There are poolside patios and decks that you can reserve ahead of time for large groups, or take advantage of the many freely available pool chairs.

Just steps away from the pool is the Lava Grill, which serves up plenty of kid-friendly food: hand-dipped corn dogs, hamburgers, chicken tenders, Veyo Pie shakes (more on Veyo Pies later!) and more. After a long day of swimming and adventuring, it’s hard to beat salty fries and a sweet treat.

Veyo Pool address: 287 E. Veyo Resort Rd. Veyo, UT 84782

All-Day Canyon Access Pass: $16 per person

Children under 2 swim for free

Open April-Octobe

Go rock climbing

Another fun activity in the same location is rock climbing at Crawdad Canyon– a small canyon adjacent to the Veyo Pool and owned by the same people. Because the canyon is shaded and near the Santa Clara River, it’s a great place to escape from the Southern Utah heat.

Crawdad Canyon has more than 200 climbing routes with skill levels ranging from 5.6 to 5.13. However, they do not rent or sell climbing equipment, so you’ll need to bring your own. Children under 18 must have a parent present to sign their waiver.

The all-day Canyon Access Pass mentioned above will allow you to rock climb AND swim (along with several other family-friendly activities, like crawdad catching, picnicking, and playing pickleball). 

Go rollerskating

family-owned roller rink veyo utah

At the intersection of Main Street and Center Street sits Spanish Trail Supply Company. The gas station and convenience store may not look like much but upstairs is a family-owned roller rink

To skate at the rink, you’ll need to book a private party ahead of time– no walk-ins. The upside to this is that you and your party get the whole rink to yourselves, but the downside is that it’s on the pricier side.

For three hours at the rink, it will cost you $125. While this may be a deal-breaker for smaller families, it would work great for a family reunion or other party. As many as 25 people can skate at a time and the booking fee includes skate rentals.

Veyo Roller Rink: 21 S. Main Street, Veyo, UT 84782 

See the Veyo Volcano

About a mile south of town, you can see the Veyo Volcano, a cinder cone that is believed to have come from an ancient supervolcano.

There isn’t a trail that leads up the Veyo Volcano, but hikers are welcome. Keep in mind that while it’s a short hike, it’s quite steep. The terrain can also be rocky and challenging, so it’s  better-suited for older kids and teens.

To access the volcano, head about a mile south of town and look for a dirt pullout on the west side of Highway 18. There will be a small gate. It’s unlocked and visitors can go through, but remember to close it behind you.

Veyo Volcano

You can choose to hike the volcano from any side, though the east side has a gentler incline. The hike is about 1 mile and at the top you’ll be treated to gorgeous views and a small summit marker.

Camping, fishing, and ATV riding near Veyo, Utah

Baker Dam Recreation Area north of Veyo

The Baker Dam Recreation Area is less than 10 minutes north of Veyo. The recreation area includes Baker Reservoir, Baker Dam Campground, and OHV trails. 

The reservoir is stocked with fish by the Division of Wildlife Resources and it’s a popular fishing spot during spring and fall. The reservoir is open year-round, but it gets very cold during the winter.

There is an 18-site campground in the area. Reservations must be made in advance at recreation.gov. The location of the campground is convenient – there are miles of public lands to explore while staying just a few miles away from town.

If you choose to explore the area around Baker Dam, make sure to stay on the public lands south of the reservoir. Most of the other surrounding area is privately owned.

Hiking, biking, and boating near Veyo, Utah

Snow Canyon State Park and Gunlock State Park are both within 15 minutes of Veyo. The parks include miles of hiking and biking trails and gorgeous scenic vistas.

Snow Canyon is a beautiful area with rocks of black, white, and red. The trails are open to hikers, bikers, and horseback riders to explore natural arches and lava tubes. There are plenty of kid-friendly hikes available.

Gunlock is home to Gunlock Reservoir, where you can go boating, fishing, and kayaking. The boat ramp is open daily from May-September. Kayak rentals are available at the main gate. Even if you don’t want to recreate on the water, the area has beautiful waterfalls in the spring and summer that you can hike up to and explore.

You will need to pay for a day pass to get your vehicle into the parks. Vehicle passes are $10 for Utah residents and $15 for non-residents. 

Some of our favorite biking, hiking and parks are in and around St. George. Make sure to check out Thunder Junction Park too!

Where to Eat in Veyo, Utah

Veyo is a very small town, so there aren’t many restaurants to choose from, but the ones they do have are fantastic. These are our favorite places to eat in Veyo.

Slice of Veyo

Address: 12 N. Main Street #4

Slice of Veyo Pizzeria sits smack dab in the middle of town, right across the street from the roller rink. They have plenty of delicious, kid-friendly food like pizza, pasta, hot dogs, and French fries. They also have vegetarian options and family combo specials.

Slice of Veyo Pizzeria

Inside the restaurant there are plenty of family-sized booths for larger parties. Parking is plentiful. It’s a great place to grab a yummy dinner and relax after a tiring day.

Slice of Veyo Pizzeria

Veyo Pies

Veyo Pies

Address: 24 S. Main Street

Veyo Pies is by far the most well-known business in town. People travel from all over to snag a famous Veyo Volcano pie– a chocolate and butterscotch cream pie piled high with whipped cream, butterscotch, and chocolate sauce.

They offer more than a dozen flavors of pie, including both fruit- and cream-based pies. They also serve homemade pot pies for lunch from 11:00-4:00 each day. 

If you order ahead, they can accommodate large orders and gluten/sugar free pies. 

Veyo Pies

The inside of the restaurant is quite small, so don’t plan on eating there. In the warmer months, however, outdoor seating is available so you can enjoy your pies onsite.

Where to Stay in Veyo, Utah

There are no hotels in the town of Veyo itself, but there are plenty of accommodations within a short drive. St. George is about 20 minutes away with hotels and short term rentals galore. Our favorite place to stay, though, is much closer.

Holmstead Ranch Resort

Address: 1000 E. Holmstead Ranch Road, Central, UT

Holmstead Ranch Veyo

Holmstead Ranch is just past Baker Reservoir, about 10 minutes from Veyo. They offer camping cabins and cottages for groups of any size. 

Smaller families may choose to stay in the luxury deluxe cabin, which comes with a queen bed and queen-size sofa bed, as well as a full bathroom and fully equipped kitchen. If you’re traveling with your extended family, a lodge can sleep up to 15.

All guests have access to the ranch’s basketball, sand volleyball, and pickleball courts as well as the private lake and beach. There is a playground onsite and you can even spend some time watching the ranch animals.

Jessica Peterson-Jeppson

About the author: Jessica Peterson-Jeppson has spent her entire life adventuring around Southern Utah. She loves trail running and hiking among the red rocks with her two dogs. She and her husband enjoy traveling and trying new foods.

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