The Complete Guide to Tubing at Soldier Hollow in Midway Utah

If you’re looking for a fantastic place to take your family tubing this winter, look no farther than Soldier Hollow tubing hill in Midway. Not only will you get a great day in the snow, but Midway makes the perfect winter day trip since it’s packed full of charming and fun things to do.

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Visiting the Soldier Hollow Tubing Hill

As Heber Valley locals, we spend a lot of time at Soldier Hollow year round, and love the facilities here. Soldier Hollow’s main claim to fame was that it hosted the cross-country skiing events during the 2002 Winter Olympics. Since then they’ve transformed those trails into groomed tracks for skiers and an incredible tubing hill.

Soldier Hollow is actually part of Wasatch Mountain State Park, but what sets the tubing hill at Soldier Hollow apart is not just its Olympic heritage, but its impressive length and the variety of experiences it offers. With tubing lanes that extend up to 1,200 feet, riders can enjoy a winter tubing ride that is both long and smooth, providing an exhilarating ride down. The tubing lanes here are the longest tubing lanes in Utah! That means more time on the snow and more FUN!!

Soldier Hollow Snow Tubing Midway

The hill is equipped with a surface lift system (aka Magic Carpet), so you can save your energy instead of walking the whole way up the hill. The surface lift is on the slower side, which makes it safer with kids, but that also means it takes longer to get up the hill. The ride here also seems slower than other Utah tubing hills because Soldier Hollow has the longest tubing lanes in the state, so the ride is naturally longer.

Safety is a top priority at Soldier Hollow, and the facility is well-maintained with staff members always on hand to ensure everyone is safe and having fun. We saw staff at the top of the hill, several at the bottom, and others scattered around to keep things running smoothly. The tubing sessions are typically two hours long, which is plenty of time. Evening sessions add an extra layer of excitement with the lanes lit up with lights for night tubing.

Soldier Hollow Snow Tubing Midway

We actually prefer to go in the evening because the snow is usually best then (unless it’s been consistently cold for a while, then anytime works). The tubing hill at Soldier Hollow is south facing, which means that when we have a series of warm-ish sunny days, it tends to get slushy here quickly, which slows your tubes down. Going in the evening gives any melted snow time to solidify so that you can get down the hill faster.

Another tip that we’ve discovered as locals is to go to the tubing hill in Midway during the week. Saturday crowds are especially big, but if you go on a Tuesday evening, you’ll rarely have any crowds there. As a bonus, mid-week prices are the cheapest time to go.

Another great activity to enjoy while you’re at the Soldier Hollow sledding hill is to go to the Midway Ice Castles. These are also located at Soldier Hollow, so it works perfectly to do the ice castles and the tubing hill back to back. Here are our favorite things to do in Heber in the winter. If you are looking for places to stay in Park City check out our favorite places to stay.

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Cost for Tubing at Soldier Hollow

Holiday Tubing $40
Weekend Tubing (Friday – Sunday) $30
Weekday Tubing (Monday – Thursday) $25
Spring Tubing (March) $25

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What to wear tubing at Soldier Hollow

Snow boots
Waterproof gloves
Snow pants and a winter coat
Beanie OR snowsports helmet
Goggles or sunglasses can also be nice, but they’re optional.

Soldier Hollow Tubing Rules

Soldier Hollow Tubing Hill does have a few regulations and rules that you need to be aware of before you go:

  • No children under 3 years old.
  • No children can ride on an adult’s lap while tubing.
  • No dogs allowed in tubing park.
  • No tubing while intoxicated or impaired.
  • Tubing conditions, speeds and length of ride may vary due to weather conditions.
  • No refunds due to weather conditions.

What to do Nearby Soldier Hollow Tubing Hill

If you’re looking to turn your tubing adventure into a full day activity, consider these fun things to do nearby:

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Best Time of Year for Tubing at Soldier Hollow

When you’re planning your Soldier Hollow Tubing trip, you’ll want to go when the snow is the best. While that can vary from year to year, the best snow is typically in January.

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