7 Helpful Tips For Hiking Jennys Canyon Trail in Snow Canyon

Jennys Canyon is one of Snow Canyon State Park’s most popular hikes and it’s easy to see why. From giant sandstone canyons to towering rocks, this short 0.5 mile hike has plenty to offer. Here you’ll find incredible views of the red rock formations that make up this spectacular area. It’s the best hike to get you slot canyon views without the work and expertise needed to go in a technical slot canyon.

Along the way, will you be able to witness breathtaking glimpses into Utah’s geological past and also have a chance at encountering some desert wildlife! You may spot lizards skittering up the canyon walls or birds soaring overhead as they search for their next meal. Best of all, the hike can easily be done in under 30 minutes.

Jennys canyon hike snow canyon state park

Jennys Canyon Trail Details

Distance: 0.5 miles out and back
Difficulty: Very Easy
Elevation Gain: 18 ft
Dogs Allowed: No

Trail Location

Jennys canyon hike snow canyon

Jenny’s Canyon is a popular hiking trail located in Snow Canyon State Park, which is about 11 miles northwest of St. George, Utah.

To get to Jenny’s Canyon trailhead, take the main park road through Snow Canyon State Park and keep an eye out for the Jennys Canyon Trail sign on the right. There is a gravel pullout that can fit about 5 cars there and is the easiest parking spot to hike Jenny’s Canyon Snow Canyon Trail. If there is no parking there, go to the Upper Galoot parking lot, which is located on the west side of the road where you’ll find additional parking. Another really fun hike is the the lava tubes at the Lava Flow Trail.

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What to Bring When Hiking Jenny’s Canyon

While the Jenny’s Canyon hike is short, it’s still important to come prepared for Southern Utah desert hiking. You’ll also have plenty of time for more exploring in Snow Canyon, so we recommend coming to Jenny’s prepared for a few hours of hiking, just in case you decide to stay at Snow Canyon longer.

Jennys Canyon Hike Description

Jennys canyon hike snow canyon

Jenny’s Canyon is one of the best Snow Canyon hikes because it packs such stunning scenery into such a short and easy hike. It’s a perfect southern Utah hike for families, and we consider it the best St George hike for toddlers as well. Even if you’re short on time, this is a fast and easy St George hike that you can do really quickly. We also love hiking the Timber Creek Trail with toddlers and kids.

From the signed trailhead next to the road, head east along the sandy trail towards the visible shrub-like trees and rock cliffs. The trail can have some pretty deep sand at times, so keep that in mind. In the summer months, the sand can be incredibly hot, so sandals are not recommended. When you reach the dry wash, cross directly and follow the trail until you reach a T-intersection at the base of the cliffs. From here, go up the little hill and turn left into the slot canyon.

Once you get into the slot canyon in Snow Canyon, you’ll be amazed at how beautiful it is. While the slot is only a few hundred feet long, with no exit, it’s worth stopping for a bit to admire the view. As you walk along the canyon, at any time of the day, you’ll find at least one spot that feels like it has perfect lighting. This is one of the best slot canyons to photograph is St George!

Due to limited parking, this hike is rarely crowded. At most, you’ll see a handful of other groups, but rarely more than that. If there is no parking when you get to the trailhead, go explore another section of Snow Canyon State Park and then come back in 30 minutes. The sand dunes just down the road are a great place to spend a small chunk of time while you wait for a parking spot. The whole hike should take no longer than 30 minutes and the views you get in that amount of time are simply spectacular. When you’re ready, head back out of the slot canyon and retrace your steps to the trailhead. Enjoy! If you are looking for a great place to stay make sure to check out our favorite places in St. George to stay.

Jenney’s Canyon is a must-do for anyone looking for a short yet stunningly beautiful hike in Snow Canyon State Park. Be sure to check it out the next time you’re visiting St George! You won’t be disappointed!

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When To Hike Jenny’s Canyon Trail

Jennys canyon hike snow canyon

Jenny’s Canyon can be hiked year round, which makes it very unique. While many other St George hikes are too hot to hike in the summer, because of the short length, you can still hike Jenny’s Canyon safely in the heat. It’s also great in the winter months when there is sometimes snow in Snow Canyon State Park, as it makes for a beautiful backdrop. However, make sure to watch out for ice patches in the slot canyon which can make things a little bit tricky.

As mentioned earlier, if you are hiking Jenny’s Canyon in the summer, hiking shoes or other closed shoes are recommended to avoid buring your feet on the deep sand.

Tips For Hiking Jenny’s Canyon Trail With Kids

Jenny’s Canyon is one of the best St George hikes for kids, so make sure it’s on your list of places to go. Since the trail is very straightforward, it’s an easy hike to let kids lead and practice their trail following skills. While the hike can easily be done in 30 minutes, plan on more time to allow the kids to explore. Let them catch lizards, look at the rock formations, and play in the slot canyon. The entrance of the slot canyon has some rocks off to the side that make a great place to stop and eat a picnic at Jenny’s Canyon.

What is the best short-slot canyon in Southern Utah?

snow canyon jennys canyon trail hike

Most people come to Southern Utah for the beautiful red rock scenery. While the most stunning locations require lots of hiking and technical expertise, there are a couple of really easy slot canyons in Southern Utah. The best short slot canyon in southern Utah is Jenny’s Canyon since you can get a full slot canyon view and photos in less than 30 minutes.

How Did Jenny’s Canyon Get It’s Name?

Jenny’s Canyon is named for Jenny Pratchett who died in an accident at Snow Canyon in 1994. She was climbing on the cliffs above Snow Canyon and fell in an accident. The canyon was named Jenny’s Canyon to remember her.

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