An Easy Hike at Rocky Mouth Falls Sandy, Utah

Utah parents! Are you looking for a quick, family friendly hike where you can get the kids away from their devices to explore the outdoors without all the huge crowds, tourists, or pricey cost of admission? With the popularity of so many of Utah’s hiking trails, that can be hard to find. Fortunately, Rocky Mouth Falls Trail, which is in Sandy, UT, provides families with children the opportunity to explore the outdoors without having to navigate a trail packed with hundreds of people.  If you’re looking for a fast afternoon hike, or a simple way to introduce your kids to hiking, Rocky Mouth Falls is an easy trail that’s perfect for you!

Here you will find everything you need to know about Rocky Mouth Falls Trail, which is a fun, easy, kid-friendly hike less than a 30-minute drive from any area of Salt Lake County. A perfect hike for kids and adults alike, the trail leads to an amazing 70-foot waterfall the whole family can enjoy. But, before you go, here are some things you should know so you can ensure your visit to Rocky Mouth Falls is an amazing experience. 

Photos of Rocky Mouth water Falls

Trail Details 

Distance:  .8 miles out & back
Difficulty:  Beginner/Easy
Elevation Gain: Approximately 300 Feet
Dogs Allowed: No 

Trail Location

To get to Rocky Mouth Falls from the Salt Lake City area, the best route is to take I-15 South towards Las Vegas. After about 12 miles, you will take Exit 292 and keep left to head East onto 11400 South. After about 2.5 miles, you will turn right onto S 1700 East.  At the next light, you will turn left onto Wasatch Blvd where you will remain for approximately 2.3 miles. The parking lot will be on your right about ¾ of a mile after you pass Hidden Valley Park and is just south of E. Eagle View Drive in Sandy, UT.  While there is a small parking lot, it is located at the base of a residential neighborhood so visitors should be mindful of parking restrictions and respectful of the surrounding community. Parking on E. Eagle View Drive is prohibited, and violators could be ticketed. There is no restroom in the parking lot or any public restrooms close by, so be sure to use bathrooms before heading to the trail. The trail begins at the northeastern corner of the parking area. 

You can access a google map of the location here

Rocky Mouth Falls
Sign and parking area
Rocky Mouth Falls
Google Map of Trail

Trail Description

Rocky Mouth Falls hike begins by accessing a set of stairs in the northeast corner of the parking area. After climbing the initial set of steps, you will enter a residential area and there is a sign directing you to the trail. At this point, you will follow the sidewalk to the right-hand side of the road, which turns eastwards. After walking past approximately five homes along the sidewalk as the street curves, you will reach the trailhead on your right. It is positioned between two black chain-link fences and has clear markings that leads to another set of wooden stairs. 

This area of the trail is narrow under the tree covering but widens as you continue to climb the stairs before it transitions to a rocky path. 

Rocky Mouth Falls
View from base of trailhead on E. Eagleview Dr
Rocky Mouth Falls
Trail stairs past black fence

The views from the base of the trailhead are phenomenal and only improve as you climb the stairs. There is a stream that runs along the trail, and you should be able to spot different birds, squirrels, and other wildlife. It is important to wear a sturdy pair of hiking boots or sneakers as there are a couple of rocky areas along the trail as you progress along.

A little more than half of the way up Rocky Mouth Canyon after the trail becomes rocky, you will spot a couple of small caves to your left. This is always a great spot to stop and take some photos. Depending on the time of year, you may be able to hear the waterfall as it fed by a natural spring that usually cascades throughout the year. Not long after passing the caves, the waterfall comes into view, though this sometimes depends on the vegetation growth and time of year.

Rocky Mouth Falls
Rocky Mouth Falls

Once you reach the falls you will find a refreshing pool of water where children love to stop and find treasures. The waterfall itself is approximately 70 feet tall and there is a rocky pedestal of sorts you can climb to get a bit closer. The elevation at the base of the waterfall is about 5400 feet. The views of the valley at this point are impressive, with panoramic vistas of the surrounding mountains. 

Photos of Rocky Mouth water Falls
Photos of Rocky Mouth water Falls

Slightly under a mile in and out, the trail climbs over 300 ft to a beautiful waterfall more than 70-feet tall. While short in distance, the trail climbs close to 300 feet in elevation and does have some steep sections with rocky terrain, though is easy enough that everyone can enjoy. If you are looking for more fun hikes in the area check out City Creek Canyon Trail, hiking Cecret Lake, and Donut Falls.

When to Hike Rocky Mouth Falls

The trail to the waterfall is usually well-maintained throughout the year, though less so between November and April. During these winter months, the stairs can become very icy and boot spikes are highly recommended. 

When heading to Rocky Mouth Falls so the kids can play and cool off in the water, June through early August is the best time to visit. The waterfall provides a great opportunity for people of all ages to splash around on the hottest days of summer. The trail is busiest during summer months, but given how short of a hike it is, the foot traffic is typically light, and you won’t encounter more than a couple dozen other hikers. 

If you are more interested in a quiet hike, Rocky Mouth Falls Trail is less busy during fall months, as the waterfall tends to slow up quite a bit that time of year, especially during draughts. 

There is less foot traffic on weekdays with early mornings or late afternoon tending to have least number of visitors. Please note that the trail is open from dawn until dusk. 

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Tips For Hiking Rocky Mouth Trail With Kids 

Rocky Mouth Falls is an easy child friendly trail that kids of all ages will love. You can be in and out in under 45 minutes, but it is best to plan for at least an hour or more as this will allow kiddos the chance to explore the caves, play in waterfall and look for rocks in the pool of water at the base of the falls. If you are hiking with little ones under two years of age, a backpack child carrier is recommended as the stairs are a bit high in some areas for little legs. 

It is also recommended that everyone in your group wears sturdy hiking shoes. You should also apply sunblock beforehand as there are some sunny spots along the way. A hiking pack with plenty of water and a towel or two also will come in handy for drying feet if anyone in your group decides they want to dip their feet into the pool of water at the base of the waterfall. For families with kiddos too excited to wait to take off shoes, consider packing some dry socks they can change into to avoid blisters on walk back down. 

Visitors should be prepared for some steep inclines and rocky terrain, but the hike is manageable for most people. 

View from top of trail
View from top of trail
Kids playing in water pool at base of waterfall
Kids playing in water pool at base of waterfall

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