5 Beautiful Park City Stand Up Paddleboard Locations

Looking for a simple outdoor adventure that will help you beat the heat this summer? There are plenty of places for Stand Up Paddleboarding in Park City. Whether you want to in town paddleboarding at Park City SUP at Deer Valley or you want to head to a local reservoir or river, there are plenty of options for paddleboarding near Park City.

Our family loves paddleboarding since it’s a sport that works so well for all ages and abilities. Whether you’re out for a family paddle, want some solo time on the lake, or are headed out for a SUP date night, there are lots of options around Park City for paddleboarding.

paddleboarding deer creek

What To Take Paddleboarding in Park City

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If you’re heading out paddleboarding in Park City, you’ll want to make sure that you grab a few things to bring with you before you head out the door.

  1. Life Jacket (PFD): This is nonnegotiable, regardless of how good a swimmer you are. If you’re in open water, everyone needs a life jacket on. Every summer there are multiple deaths in Utah from paddlers who aren’t wearing a life jacket and are caught in unexpected situations. Don’t take the chance.
  2. Sunscreen: Park City is about 7,000 feet about sea level, so your chances of getting sun damage to your skin are incredibly high. Wear a water-resistant sunscreen and reapply often. Better yet, make sure that your skin is covered with sun protective clothing as well!
  3. Water: Even on cool days, the high elevation of Park City can leave you dehydrated SO FAST! This is true whether you’re a local or you’re a visitor from sea level. Always carry water with you and drink often!

Park City SUP at Deer Valley

If you want to go paddleboarding without ever having to leave Park City, then Park City SUP is the place for you. Park City SUP is located at Pebble Beach in Deer Valley and is the perfect place for a unique and personalized paddling experience! Their small yet friendly staff made sure my whole family was safely outfitted with life jackets and paddleboards, ready to explore. The location is convenient and the scenery is STUNNING (it is at the base of Deer Valley after all). Best of all, it’s got super easy access and is rarely crowded so it’s the perfect way to spend a few hours on a hot Park City Day.

Open 10am-5pm June- September

1-Hour SUP Rental: $25

1-Hour giant SUP Rental: $50

Extra Life Jackets: $5

Paddleboard Lessons at Park City SUP

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If stand up paddleboarding is a new experience for you, then Park City SUP is ideal for your first time! The pond here is both serene and small, making it the optimal choice to take your first plunge into the sport. And if being out on your own still makes you anxious? Not to worry – there are lessons available that will help boost your confidence in no time! If you feel confident in the water and are in good shape, a lesson may not be necessary. If you’re uneasy or having trouble getting balanced on the paddleboard, then try kneeling instead of standing up since it lowers your center of mass and makes you more stable. It’s always a good idea to let staff know that it’s your first time attempting paddleboarding so they can assist with any problems.

Fun Things to Do in Park City

Park City SUP With Kids

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I was slightly apprehensive when my kids and I decided to venture out for a day on the water at Park City SUP. With all five of my kids in tow, it can be difficult to manage them while they’re playing in open water. However, this particular setup offered both freedom for them to paddleboard as well as visibility for me so that I could keep an eye on everyone without being too overbearing.

From the shore, I had a clear view of practically all parts of the little lake (except for one small section in the back), which made me so much more confident in the situation knowing that I didn’t have to accompany my kids on their paddleboarding journey every second. The arrangement here was ideal for families since it made it possible for some of my children to stay on the beach while their siblings were out paddling – and I could watch everyone at the same time!

SUP Utah Paddleboard Park City SUP

I was amazed by the stability and maneuverability of Park City SUP’s paddleboards – even my 7-year-old could keep up without an issue! In fact, in many cases it seems that kids find paddleboarding easier than adults. If you have multiple kids, consider putting two people on a board together so that one person can paddle and the other can relax.

If you have kids in tow for your Park City SUP trip, I highly recommend dedicating an hour to kayaking and SUP paddling around the pond before spending another hour simply playing about the beach area. The vast grassy hill beside the pond is perfect for running around, there’s a corn hole game to keep them occupied and finally, wading or swimming in the lake are great activities too!

Park City Paddleboarding at Jordanelle Reservoir

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Jordanelle is a great lake for paddleboarding near Park City since it’s only about 15 minutes outside of town. The lake his HUGE, but there are only a handful of great places for paddleboard access. The Hailstone section of the lake is the best. Enter at the Hailstone entrance (just off of Highway 189 as you’re heading south away from Park City).

The area of the park is large but keep heading east until you reach the swim beach (there will be signs directing you). Calling it a beach is a bit of a stretch since it’s mostly just mud and rocks, but this area is perfect for paddleboarding since it’s in a protected cove. Motorized boats are not allowed in this area making it a great place to paddleboard with kids, or to do a combination of swimming and paddleboarding.

Jordanelle Rentals is right there and rents paddleboards and kayaks (as well as other boats), so that’s a simple option if you don’t have your own boat or don’t want to worry about transporting it. Jordanelle is the busiest reservoir near Park City on weekends, so this spot is best for a mid week visit.

Be aware that the lake can get quite choppy during windy days so it’s important to take necessary precautions such as avoiding peak times or even staying on shore if conditions become too dangerous.

Deer Creek Reservoir Paddleboarding

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This is our family favorite spot to go paddleboarding and you can find us here several times a month during the summer months. The reservoir is HUGE and has lots of options for where you can launch your paddleboard from.

The most popular place for paddleboarding is at Dock Of The Bay. This is the best beach at Deer Creek and there are also some great places to swim. You’ll find boat rentals there as well as in inflatable Wibit course which is so fun for the whole family. There’s a little island you can kayak out to which always makes paddleboarding at Deer Creek feel a little more like an adventure.

Rainbow Bay is another popular SUP spot at Deer Creek. There are basic pit tables here, but you’ll find that each pull out has a covered picnic area, so this is the top place to go if you’re spending several hours or the whole day at the lake. The waves from passing boats are the smallest when you get far back into the bay.

SUP deer creek

Another option for paddleboarding at Deer Creek is at the Charleston beach. This is a super quiet area, that also gets very little boats traffic to it since it’s at the far east side of the lake. This is a good beach to visit only when the water is high, since in low water it basically turns into a swamp.

There are a few other launch spots a

Deer Creek never feels super busy, but with limited parking, you’ll want to go there during the week, or early or late in the day on the weekends.

SUP the Provo River

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If you’re feeling like you’re up for an adventure, you can SUP the Provo River from just below the Deer Creek Dam to Vivian Park. There are a few small ripples, but overall, it’s just a Class I River. The only thing that you need to be careful of is the double bridge that you’ll float under since the current pushes hard into the bridge pylons and could easily pin you or your paddleboard to the bridge which can be deadly. Watch for the bridge and if the current is high, get out on the right side of the river and portage around.

The current on the Provo River can be pretty fast in places, so this is best reserved for paddleboarders with lots of experience. If your kids like adventures make sure to check out our favorite mountain biking trails in Park City and Heber.

Best Time To SUP In Park City

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If you’re planning to SUP in Park City, choose your timing carefully. The last thing that you want is to head on for a day on the lake when the water’s FREEZING or when the crowds are so thick that you don’t have any solitude!

The best months to SUP Park City are June – September. July and August usually bring the warmest water temperatures, though remember that you’re in the mountains and the water is almost always COLD! While it may be tempting to go paddleboarding in May, the water temperatures will be SUPER cold even if the air is warming up.

Weekends at the local reservoirs are almost always PACKED! To beat the crowds, try and go paddleboarding in Park City during the week! Otherwise, plan to go very early in the morning or in the late afternoon when the weekend crowds are the smallest!

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