Vineyard Grove Park and Splash Pad: Vineyard’s Best Family Park

Tucked into the heart of a Vineyard neighborhoods, you’ll find the sprawling Vineyard Grove Park.  This park is a paradise for kids of all ages, offering everything from huge grassy fields and giant climbing structures to an epic splash pad, to keep everyone entertained. Our kids can’t get enough of it, and are constantly asking if we can go to the amazing splash pad on hot days. While it’s tucked into a neighborhood and you may just be hearing about it, keep reading to learn why Vineyard Grove Park is one of the best Utah County parks for families!

vineyard grove park vineyard utah
VIneyeard Grove Park has incredible views!

About Vineyard Grove Park

Opened in 2018, Vineyard Grove Park has quickly become a favorite among locals and visitors alike. The expansive park offers plenty of room for kids to explore and play without feeling crowded. We went just last week, and the parking lot was overflowing with many cars parked on the grass nearby.  I was dreading what we would find at the park, but I was pleasantly surprised that the park didn’t feel crowded at all.  Well except for the slide at the splash pad, that none of the kids could get enough of!  We love that Vineyard Grove Park was designed with families in mind, providing plenty of space to spread out, great grassy fields to relax and play on, and lot of fun play structures for all ages.

vineyard grove park vineyard utah
The splash pad slide was a HUGE HIT with everyone

Where is Vineyard Grove Park Located?

Vineyard Grove Park is located at 350 N 100 E, Vineyard, UT.  If it’s your first time going, you might think you’re going the wrong way, because it truly is right in the middle of a neighborhood.  Here is a map to show you exactly where it’s located, so you don’t get lost. 

Splash Pad at Vineyard Grove Park

The splash pad at Vineyard Grove park is really unique, and is probably one of the major draws of this park.  I think that the best way to describe it is that it’s part splash pad, and part water park because it has features of both.  When you first walk in from the parking lot, you’ll get to a few small fountains and a little river.  This is a great place for kids who want some more low key fun, or for younger kids who want to play without the chaos of older kids around.

vineyard grove park vineyard utah
splash pad rules
vineyard grove park vineyard utah
gentle area of the splash pad
vineyard grove park vineyard utah

Follow the stream (and the noise of happy kids) a little bit farther for the real energy of the splash pad.  Every time we’ve been, there are tons of kids on the waterslide with the giant splash pond at the bottom.  It’s the coolest feature of the park.  This is a splash pad feature that will absolutely SOAK your kids, so come prepared with towels (or hope for strong sun to dry them off).  If for some reason your kids aren’t totally soaked from the waterslide, send them over to stand under the giant bucket.  It usually does several small partial dumps and about every 10-15 minutes there is a giant dump, just like you’d find at a kids water park. 

vineyard grove park
the popular wateslide
Vineyard Grove Park and Splash Pad
the giant blue ball fills up with water and dumps on the kids

All around the splash pad are fountains, water guns, and lots of sprayers.  It’s always a major hit with the kids and there will be no shortage of new friends to play with. 

Surrounding the splash pad, are large grassy berms with some tress for shade, that are the perfect place for parents to sit and relax while the kids play.  

vineyard grove park vineyard utah
vineyard grove park vineyard utah
the sprayers were a big hit with my boys

Playgrounds at Vineyard Grove Park

The playgrounds at Vineyard Grove Park are divided into sections for different age groups and activities. There are areas with soft rubber flooring to cushion falls, shaded spots for staying cool, and a variety of play structures that encourage kids to climb, slide, and explore. Here are some of our favorite areas at Vineyard Grove Park:

Climbing Structures: The park features several climbing features that cater to different skill levels, ensuring that all kids can find something fun and challenging. My kids LOVE to climb and even knowing that, I’m always surprised at how much time they want to spend climbing when they come here to the park.  The giant net climbing areas has ropes, hammock chairs, and a few obstacles to keep kids engaged. 

vineyard grove park vineyard utah
giant climbing area
vineyard grove park vineyard utah
lots of room so plenty of kids can play at the same time
vineyard grove park vineyard utah

Ziplines:  I’m usually not too impressed with most park ziplines, but this was one of the rare exceptions.  The ziplines at Vineyard Grove were pretty long, and kids could get going fast down them.  Best of all, the ground below is padded, so even if they do happen to fall, they’ll be a little more protected.  

vineyard grove park vineyard utah
Ziplines with padded ground underneath
vineyard grove park vineyard utah

Toddler Play:  There is a small toddler play structure right by the climbing structure.  Compared to the size of the climbing area, it’s pretty small, but id dies have a few things to keep little ones entertained.  

vineyard grove park vineyard utah
toddler play area

Swings:  There is a pretty large area for the swings at Vineyard Grove Park, but not too many swings actually in there.  There are some regular swings and a few toddler swings.  My kids also really enjoyed the teeter-totter swing, which is a piece of playgorund equipment that we haven’t seen anywhere else.  

vineyard grove park vineyard utah
Swings at Vineyard Grove Park

Best Ages For Vineyard Grove Park

Vineyard Grove Park is a great park for kids 10-12 and under.  I’ve taken my teens and they didn’t love it as much as other parks, except for playing games on the grass.

One thing I do like is that Vineyard Grove has signs on the different playground equipment to designate if it’s designed for ages 2-5 or ages 5-12.  While it’s not a hard and fast rule, I think that this especially helps older kids know that an area has been specifically designed for little kids, and not them.  

vineyard grove park vineyard utah
most areas have an age designation on them

Facilities at Vineyard Grove Park

Vineyard Grove Park is a pretty large park covering 18 acres.  It has 2 large reservable pavilions that can seat 60 people and an extra large pavilion that seats 120 people.  You’ll find clean restrooms conveniently located near the playgrounds and splash pad.

For sports lovers, there is a basketball court as well as 4 tennis and pickleball courts.  

vineyard grove park vineyard utah
picnic pavillion
vineyard grove park vineyard utah
XL picnic pavillion
vineyard grove park vineyard utah
Restroom next to the splash pad

Best Time Of Year To Visit Vineyard Grove Park

Vineyard Grove Park is a great park year-round. The splash pad is perfect for summer visits, while spring and fall offer cooler temperatures and smaller crowds. The park’s beautiful landscaping and shade make it a pleasant place to relax and play in any season.

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