Don’t Skip the St George Narrows at Pioneer Park

If you’re looking for a short and easy St George hike to do with the family that’s sure to impress everyone, head to the St George Narrows.  Located at Pioneer Park, the narrows in St George is a very short hike, that offers great access to red rock areas to play on at Pioneer Park, and some of the best views of St George.  This is a hike that our kids always love to do, and it’s an easy one to squeeze into just about every family trip to St George since it can be done in under 30 minutes.  Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about hiking the St George Narrows at Pioneer Park.

pioneer park st george narrows hike

What is the St George Narrows?

The St George Narrows is a small little slot canyon located at Pioneer Park in St George.  Do not confuse this with The Narrows in Zion National Park which is a 16 mile trek up a river in the heart of Zion.  The St George Narrows is perfect for anyone looking for a quick adventure right out of St George.

Trail Description

Distance: 0.5 miles RT
Difficulty: Easy, though very narrow
Dogs Allowed: Yes, on a leash, though not recommended in the Narrows

Hiking the St. George Narrows located within Pioneer Park is a fantastic experience, offering a quick and really fun adventure and is one of the best easy hikes in St George. The park itself is perched above St. George, providing panoramic views of the city and beyond. The Narrows trail is relatively short, making it an excellent choice for families and those looking for a less strenuous hike, yet it still offers the thrill of navigating through a tight sandstone slot like some of the more difficult hikes in Southern Utah.   

pioneer park st george narrows hike
The road up to the trailhead

The trail to the Narrows doesn’t have a lot of signage, but it’s relatively easy to find. Starting from the main parking lot at Red Hills Dessert Garden, look for the paved road heading north out of the parking lot. The trail is a gentle incline but it’s just a road so it’s easy to get up.  Occasionally the road is open and you can park right next to the St George Narrows, but it’s been closed every time we visited in the last year.   

pioneer park st george narrows hike
Start here

When you get to the top of the parking lot, there are several parking spots and a sign for the Pioneer Park Narrows.  Truthfully, it doesn’t look like much of a trail, but head into the canyon right there (there’s a well worn footpath).  You’ll hike for about 300 years into the canyon and then the narrows starts.  

pioneer park st george narrows hike
The entrance to the canyon

While none of it is very technical, it is quite narrow.  We have seen many adults who couldn’t make it through the narrows in St George.  Luckily, it’s pretty straightforward, so if you have older kids, they can do the narrow section on their own and you can hike around and meet then when they come out on the top since the narrows has an incline and ends on top of all fo the rocks.  

pioneer park st george narrows hike
Getting to the narrow spot. Even the kids had to stand sideways for most of it since it’s so narrow

The hike isn’t technical or long, but it is important to wear good shoes.  Wear something with decent traction that will stay on your feet as you shimmy through the canyon.  Tennis shoes or adventure sandals are a good option.  

pioneer park st george narrows hike
The exit
pioneer park st george narrows hike
The exit

What Else to do at Pioneer Park

When planning your visit, it’s good to know that Pioneer Park covers about 52 acres of desert landscape, offering not just the Narrows but also other attractions like Dixie Rock, also known as Sugarloaf. The park is open year-round, with no admission fee, making it one of the best free things to do in St George Utah. 

pioneer park st george narrows hike

There are hiking trails, small slot canyons, arches, caves, and a historic pioneer cabin to explore. Older kids and teens will have a great time clambering up and down the giant rocks, while younger children can squeeze into small caves in the rock walls. Many rock climbers spend time bouldering in various parts of Pioneer Park.

There are also stunning views of the city from atop Dixie Rock. Dixie Rock, also called the Sugarloaf, is the most well-known spot in Pioneer Park, thanks to the word “DIXIE” painted across it in tall white letters. You can see the rock from most places downtown. It’s a great spot for a photo op, and maybe a picnic on less crowded days. 

Plan to also visit the Red Hills Desert Garden while you’re here.  This desert garden is free and incredibly well designed.  You can learn about plants or just get some inspiration for beautiful things that can grow here in the desert.  

pioneer park st george

What to Take When Hiking the St George Narrows at Pioneer Park

The most important thing to take with you on this St George hike is water.  St George can get incredibly hot, so staying hydrated is essential.  There are drinking fountains at Red Hills Desert Garden, but on our last visit, they were just a trickle, so I wouldn’t rely on them.  

We also love taking a picnic up to Pioneer Park.  It’s a fantastic place to watch the sunset or to hang out at while the kids scramble all over the rocks.  

Best Time to Hike the St George Narrows

The best times to hike are in the morning or late afternoon, especially during the hotter months, to avoid the midday heat. Summer can be quite hot, so if you’re hiking during this season, early morning is your best bet to beat the heat.  Spring and fall typically have the best weather in St George and you could easily spend several hours at Pioneer Park if the weather is good.  

The Narrows in St George is very popular so expect to see crowds there on holidays and weekends. When we were there last, there were 3 other families in the Narrows, but it felt pretty crowded since you have to go single file. If there’s a crowd, just be patient since any line to get in usually goes pretty fast.

Remember, while the St. George Narrows offers a taste of slot canyon adventure without the need for technical gear or extensive hiking, it’s always important to be mindful of the environment. Stick to established trails around Pioneer Park, take all your trash with you, and respect any wildlife that you see.

pioneer park st george narrows hike

Enjoy your hike through the St. George Narrows! It’s a great way to experience the beauty of Utah’s red rock landscape in a family-friendly, accessible way.

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