Incredible Moab Parks and Playgrounds

Searching for the perfect park or playground in Moab Utah?  You’ve come to the right place! We’ll show you all the parks and playgrounds in Moab Utah we have everything you need to know. While the true highlight of a trip to Moab with kids are the outdoor adventures, these Moab playgrounds and parks are some of our favorite ways to spend some time together while we enjoy the city.

Rotary Park in Moab

680 S Mill Creek Dr
Toilets: Yes, pit toilets with running water for hand washing
Dogs Allowed: No

Rotary Park is a beautiful community park located in Moab, Utah and is probably one of the most popular parks with visitors. It’s spread out, had a variety of activities and also provides a good amount of shade. The park is 3 acres in total and along the edge, Mill Creek runs, which is a great spot to stop and splash and cool down on a hot day.

One of the highlights of this park is the large section with oversized musical instruments that you make music with. It’s so fun that my husband grew up calling this park “the Moab music park”. You’ll find everything from large scale xylophones and drums, to giant chimes and bells.

Next to the music area is also a fun playground that’s perfect for the kids.

If you’re not wanting to play on the playground, head to the native hummingbird garden or the tree house gazebo to unwind for a bit. Rotary Park connects with the Mill Creek Parkway trail system making it easy to get through town from here and there’s a good walking trail right through the park.

This park also has a basketball court and Volleyball court.

On a hot day, you’ll especially appreciate the covered picnic pavilion, making this an awesome place to stop and have a lunch picnic. When our kids were little, we used to always bring them here on our last morning in town, let them play and get tired while we got lunch ready and then put them into the car fed and tired, and they’d sleep for hours!

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Swanny Park in Moab

400 N 100 W
Toilets: Yes, nice restrooms
Dogs Allowed: No

Swanny Park is a small community park located in the heart of Moab, Utah. This park is a popular gathering spot for locals and it’s right next to the Moab Recreation Center and Aquatic Center. This Moab park is large, covering over 7 acres and has a large grassy field which is perfect for playing sports or running around on.

At Swanny park, you’ll find a large playground, a covered picnic area, and 2 grills that you can use to BBQ on. The Moab Skate Park is located right next to Swanny Park as well and is perfect for both skateboards, roller blades, and BMX bikes.

The Moab Farmers Market is held a Swanny Park from May-October every Thursday evening from 5-8pm. Here you can find local produce, arts and crafts as well as enjoy some yummy food from local vendors. There is often music and entertainment, and this is a great event for the whole family in Moab. If you are looking for more fun things to do with your family in Moab? Read about some of our favorite things to do with kids in Moab.

Lions Park Moab at The Colorado River Parkway

Junction of UT-191 and UT-128
Toilets: Yes, nice restrooms
Dogs Allowed: Yes

Lions Park is the home of the Colorado River bike path trailhead, and this simple park is a great place for a picnic. you can ride your bike from Moab to here, or from here east up the Colorado River. Either way, this is a place you’ll want to stop. There are covered picnic pavilions (with electricity if you need it), and there are good restrooms. You’ll also find water spigots which are great for refilling your water bottles on a hot day.

The highlight of this park for kids is the large rock climbing area. It’s perfect for practicing bouldering skills or for introducing kids to rock climbing for the first time.

While you’re at Lyons Park, make sure to walk up the trail a bit to read the signs about the natives who first inhabited the area and some history of the area. Crossing the bridge is also one of the best ways to get a great view of the Colorado River.

moab colorado river bridge

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